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This is a knowledge sharing segment intended to publish our typical/ rare/ difficult cases, radiological signs and spotters. Please feel free to contact in case of queries

Mondor's Disease

27 yr female presented with short duration of left breast pain.
Sonomammogram was done and revealed: 

  • Focal thickening and echogenic lumen of superficial vein of left breast at 2 O’ clock position with loss of compressibility (arrow) – Suggestive of acute thrombophlebitis of superficial vein of breast – Mondor’S disease.
  • Rest of the breast reveal no focal lesion or mass lesion.
  • No axillary lymphadenopathy. 

Physiological Midgut Herniation:

20 yr female presented for routine dating scan at 10 weeks of pregnancy
Ultrasound findings: 

  • Single live intrauterine fetus with CRL of 32.5 mm, corresponding to 10 weeks 1 day.
  • Examination of the fetus revealed echogenic midgut herniation through umbilical defect (arrow) suggestive of Physiological Midgut Herniation.
  • Physiological Midgut Herniation – Normally seen in fetus of 9 to 11 weeks. Abnormal if seen after 13 weeks of pregnancy. 

Acute appendicitis:

18 yr male presented with acute abdominal pain for 2 days duration
Ultrasound findings: 

  • Appendix - retroileal in location at 5 O' clock position, directing towards pelvis.
  • Appendix is distended measuring 7.8 mm in maximum diameter and shows wall thickening.
  • Periappendiceal inflammatory fat stranding (arrow) noted.
  • No evidence of collection/ abscess.
  • Features consistent with Acute appendicitis (uncomplicated).